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Conjuring stories and energy with artisanal jewels

“Just by wearing a piece of jewellery, it creates its own energy and conversations for generations to come.” This sentiment is one of the reasons Suzy Allan chose to pursue a career as a jewellery designer. The Ballarat artisan has been in the industry for more than 35 years, and sees it as a fulfilment of her calling.

“I don’t think I had a choice. Call it destiny or a calling. I’m blessed to work in such a creative industry and given my chance again I would still be doing the same thing.”

Suzy is the lead designer and creative director of Gems & Jewels Ballarat – a haven of artisanal and exquisitely-crafted jewels that do much more than add a bit of sparkle to your life. According to Suzy, the jewels have a talismanic energy, and the ability to naturally connect with their soon-to-be-owners.

“You are in here for a reason and there have been a lot of (happy) tears shed here in the past,” she says. “If you were to purchase something, it would be talismanic and you would feel connected to it straight away. We don’t need to convince you of anything.”

The boutique has been creating fine jewellery since 1985 and prides itself on sourcing and working with local elements to create bespoke works that not only reflect the personality of their owners but provide a connection with a deeper and more meaningful world.

Suzy stocks her eponymous range of jewels at the store, and says her collection is inspired by visual and emotional connections to everyday life. “l hope when someone owns one of our pieces it will bring joy and of course start them on their own journey of heartfelt moments and stories.”

As well as Suzy’s range, and several world-renowned labels, Gems & Jewels produces jewellery that is literally made from the alluvial riches found around the region. Suzy’s team has established close bonds with local gold prospectors, designing and fashioning hand-forged pieces using local gold. “l am biased when it comes to Ballarat gold. It truly has such an enriched radiance, and the end result of the piece allows a sensory experience that words cannot explain,” Suzy remarks.

In an age where monotony has become the norm, Gems & Jewels is offering consumers an alternate reality, and Suzy’s ardent hope is for her craft to inject an element of difference and delight into people’s lives.

“In this overwhelming world off sameness, l feel now more than ever people are seeking out individual designs and authentic handcrafted workmanship,” she says.  “Ballarat now is absolutely a hub for talent with exciting things to come.”

“There is so much information and this can be confusing when trying to make a purchase of fine jewellery. We collectively have over 150 years of knowledge and expertise in our field and are excited to share this.”

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